L to R: Angie Carr, Emily Drews Westfall, Eve Porcello,
Alex Banks, Jordan Keller, Brandon Andersen
Brandon Andersen hails from the booming metropolis of Lincoln, Nebraska.  After graduating from college with
majors in Information Systems and Business Administration, he made the logical move into sketch comedy in
Chicago, which has been his home since June 2004.  He recently completed both the Improv Training Program and
the Writing Program at Second City.  Brandon would like to thank his family for always laughing politely at his antics.

Alex Banks studied acting at Georgetown University before moving to Chicago to study sketch comedy and improv
with the Second City.  Alex is a graduate of the Second City conservatory program and Improv Olympic training
centers.  Throughout the last four years Alex has worked in a number of sketch shows, performed with a handful of
improv troupes, and took the stage as a stand-up comic on a few occasions.  Currently Alex is working on crossing
the boundaries of film and Sketch comedy with Nice Pooch Productions, and auditioning for commercials (sell out).  

Angie Carr hails from the soy capital of the world where she cultivated humor from soybeans.  She is very happy to
be working with The Uncomfortables because they rock!!  And they are pretty damn funny in her opinion.  Angie is a
graduate  of Second City's Conservatory and Bradley University.  Angie recently became an artistic associate with
Second City's Gayco and will make her first appearance with them in this summer's Pride Parade in Chicago.  
Chicago credits include, "Checking Out" - a show she co-wrote, produced, and starred in at Donny's Skybox.  Angie
has done commercial work for Skyline Chili, Crain's Business News, and was the voice of Jade from Mortal Kombat
on G4TV's Video Game Vixens Contest.  Film credits include "Teplitz" and the award-winning independent feature
"Flipping the Whale".  She is also featured in the sit-com pilot, "Stray Dogs".  She give a shout to her family and
love, Julia for giving the support and inspiration that keeps her in this world of performing that she so loves.

Emily Drews Westfall originally hails from the inappropriately titled 'City of Destiny.' Emily has done several plays
in the past including 'Boy Gets Girl',
'Wait Until Dark', and that one about all the vaginas. Emily has gone through
The Second City Training Center and is thrilled to be an official member of The Uncomfortables. Emily would like to
thank god and her liver for pulling her through the mandatory first year of hazing by the group. She would like to
thank her family and friends for their endless support and making her laugh and the ultra-talented writers and cast
members of The
Uncomfortables. Emily dedicates each and every moment on any stage to Ed Westfall, an endless
light and inspiration.

Jordan Keller: Okay, so get this: I walk into Second City beacause I got nothing better to do on a Sunday
afternoon, and WHAM! I'm hit on the head, blind-folded and ushered into a dark room. The rest is history. Up until
right about now, anyway. Because now it's current events. But in about another minute or so...yep. History. Funny
how that works, huh? Because it was current events, but now it's... Anyway, love to my family and Donna for the love
and support. Uncomfortable silence, punctuated by overly confident nodding to Jose and the gang for bringing me
along for the ride.

Eve Porcello is happy to be performing in her fourth revue with The Uncomfortables. She grew up in Toledo, Ohio
and moved to Chicago three years ago. Since then, she has studied improv and acting at Second City, i.O, and the
Piven Theater. Most recently, she co-wrote and performed in Refrain, a two person sketch comedy show at the Live
Bait Theater.
Clockwise from center: Cynthia Whitworth, Brandon Andersen,
T.J. Cimfel, Christopher Smith, Angie Carr, Eve Porcello
Clockwise from top left: Rick Smith, Jo-Elle Munchak, Cynthia
Whitworth, Joshua Eakright, Christopher J. Smith, Rachel Lewis, a
cup of coffee