Kelly Beeman is the only female writer in The Uncomfortables. She is known for her proper grammar and formal
attire. She is a graduate of the
Second City Training Center writing program and is currently enrolled in the Improv
Program. This is her 4th show with the Uncomfortables. She is also a member of the political satire group
All World
in which she co-wrote and produced the show Political Crap. She'd like to thank the directors, writers, and
actors for doing a fabulous job. She also thanks Kiki, her friends, and family for all their support.

Eric Boyd: Have you ever finished Ms. PacMan? Neither has Eric. He has, however, been writing with The
for a few years and numerous shows.

Mark Dalton is founding member of The Uncomfortables sketch comedy group.  In addition to
writing for stage, he has several works in development for the screen.   A graduate of the
Second City writing
program and
Columbia College’s Film School, Mark also studied at Indiana University’s famed Ernie Pyle School
of Journalism
.  A native of Chicago’s Irish Southwest Side, Mark is a graduate of the all-boys Brother Rice High

Jon Mugar
lives in Santa Monica and writes for Uncomf West -- LA's offshoot of the Uncomfortables. You will be
able to see Uncomf West at the
Fodderday Theater on Tuesdays from 2:30 - 3:30 pm as part of a "no Look Triple
Bill" with
Uncle Shamus' Wild Ride and WingDing Masterpiece Theatre. Other than writing that show, Jon has
been working at
Tom Goes to the Mayor.

Joselito Seldera hopped on The Uncomfortables bandwagon as an assistant director for their show, Midway to
, and was officially initiated into the group soon afterwards as co-writer and director for Chicago Transient
.  Recently, Joselito co-wrote, co-directed, and co-starred in the television sitcom pilot "Stray Dogs", which
he co-created with fellow Uncomfortable Jon Mugar.  Joselito’s screenplays have placed in a number of contests,
including first overall in’s Spec Scriptacular.  Joselito is a graduate of Emerson College.

Bob Stinchcombe
is a graduate of the Second City Writing Program and possesses numerous television awards
including TiVo Remote Control Proficiency and Most Consecutive Hours Logged Inexplicably Watching the Same
Sportscenter.  He has written several shows with the
Uncomfortables in addition to “TV Misguided” and “Homey
for the Holidays”
at Donny’s Skybox Theater.  His spec script for “Scrubs” was selected as a semi-finalist in Pilot
writing contest.  His mom says he should have won.